Documentary Family Photography

Manuel Llaneras - Documentary Family Photographer

What are the family moments you want to remember? Playtime in the yard with your kids, giving a bath to your baby, or reliving the day they were born? Maybe it’s a family celebration or simply a laugh while cooking a meal with your partner. These are the genuine natural moments that you cherish.

As a documentary photographer these are the moments I capture with my camera. The moments that tell your family story. The moments I record in a “Day in the Life” family photo session.

I am also available for family portraits. I believe that portraits still tell a story. They are after all the traditional way of recording family history, but I don’t think they have to be rigid or trite. In a traditional “Family Portrait Photo Session” we concentrate on portraits that are natural and relaxed, and that stay true to your personalities.

The following is my portfolio of Documentary family photography. You will find images from both “Day in the Life” sessions, and “Family Portrait Photo Session”

If my photographs move you, and you want a different approach to family photos, Contact Me and let’s get started!